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Marine Consultancy

As a Marine Consultant I have the expertise to advise my clients and suggest better solutions to them in the Marine business which in turn will help them boost, advance and further their business positively. As a Marine Consultant it is vital to provide a professional role to the client and advise them on the dos and dont's that need to be monitored and taken care of.

Pre-purchase / Condition Survey

A Pre-Purchase Survey will consist of a non-destructive survey where I will not dismantle machinery; any interior cabinetry / upholstery work; scrape or remove any paint; or bore holes in hull.

The purpose of obtaining a pre-purchase survey on a boat is to gain as much information on the condition of the boat as possible before you buy it. What I do as a surveyor and how I do it has a lot to do with his skill, experience, and personal methods of work. The amount of information that can be obtained is dependent on a variety of factors. These range from the boat itself, to how you much information / surveying you want me to carry out.

The most common question I am asked by someone who has never experienced the survey process is, "What do you do?" This is not an easy thing to answer for a process that basically takes an entire day to accomplish. To put it as succinctly as possible, the primary work of a surveyor is observation and testing. The two most important tools that a surveyor possesses do not consist of a box of fancy digital instruments, but his experience and his skills in observation.

To make a long story short, my survey involves examining every aspect of the boat possible without taking it apart, and includes testing of all major systems. The process naturally focuses on the most important aspects first. I am far less concerned whether coffee makers and stereo systems work, than the more important aspects such as major machinery and hull construction.

Damage Survey

Damage surveys are usually required by an insurance company to assess the extent of damage to a vessel resulting from an accident / incident. As a surveyor we will carry out a thorough examination and report on the resulting condition of the vessel, the probable cause of the damage, and recommended repairs. This will require liaising with the client, boat yards or repairers, and transportation specialists.

It should be noted that insurance companies expect immediate reporting of accidents / incidents, and speedy damage assessment and reporting by a surveyor. Best effort should also be made to minimise further damage or deterioration of the vessel following the accident / incident.

Valuation Survey

Valuations are often required for the courts to ascertain the value of the vessel for Marine mortgages, yacht purchase, revaluing after a major refit or insurance reasons and divorce proceedings. A valuation will consider the current market condition, general condition, location, age, engine use, quality of build, inventory of installed equipment, selling price of similar vessels.

Insurance valuations should reflect the replacement cost of the vessel in the event of a total loss and can be higher than the average selling price of similar vessels, when the boat is in above average condition or has above average equipment levels, e.g. a long distance liveaboard. Valuations for a Marine mortgage are focused on the value the craft would be expected to make if offered for resale of the vessel under current market conditions. The value is used by the lender when assessing their security on the loan.

We provide a comprehensive written independent market valuation statement after the survey is completed on the boat.

On / Off Hire Survey

For an on / off hire survey we work for our client who will have agreed with his client for an on /off hire survey for the said vessel. Usually the cost of the survey is Bourne by both clients on a 50/50 basis. We thoroughly survey the condition of the vessel and its hull and machinery and thus producing a comprehensive report.

Bunker Survey

We carry out a bunker Survey as an examination of the ships fuel to ascertain its total on board quantity. it can be ROB quantity, ROB is Remaining On Board of fuel oils like MGO (Marine gas oil) or MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) or LSFO (low sulphur fuel oil) or HSFO (high sulfur fuel oil) or LSMDO (low sulfur Marine diesel oil) We will also record any lube oils and all other bunkers as requested by the client.

Vessel Delivery

For vessel delivery we provide a service to our clients to deliver their vessel to the required destination. We carry out passage planning / provide competent certified crew for the intended passage. We will carry out vessel familiarisation prior to departure. We will insure that all the required statuary documentation will be in place for the voyage. Any engineering requirements will be completed prior to departure in the way of maintenance.

Marine Pilotage

As a certified Marine Pilot for the Harbour of Killybegs we provide this service to any vessel's entering the harbour that require a pilot on-board when entering. All vessels over 50m must take a pilot. Tug assistance will also be provided if requested or required.

Boat Handling

I carry out boat handling courses on-board my twin engine 40ft bayliner 3587. You will be trained in the art of berthing and un-berthing a vessel taking into account the wind and tide and the use of ropes etc.

Marine Superintendancy

As a service I provide Marine Super Intendancy for dry-docking / ship yard repairs and new builds. I will travel to the shipyard and liaise between the shipyard and the client and oversee all stages of the build or repairs.

Domestic Ship Management Manuals (DSM)

We compile a Domestic Ship Management manual for vessel's that require it. The manual will be ship specific and encompass all required procedures laid down by the MSO. I will also carry out external audits on existing systems that the client has.

Training Manuals

We purposely build Ships Specific Procedures for vessels that require them. We attend the vessel and go through all main aspects to get a full familiarisation of the required items and then compile a comprehensive manual for the vessel. The manual will be ship specific and encompass all required procedures laid down by the MSO. I will also carry out external audits on existing systems that the client has.